# params

Params module allows you to query the system parameters which can be governed (except the gov params) by the gov module.

rebusd query params subspace [subspace] [key] [flags]

Subspace currently supports the following:auth, bank, staking, mint, distribution, slashing, gov, crisis.

Among them, the parameters available for query for each subspace are as follows:

# auth

key description default
MaxMemoCharacters Maximum number of characters in the memo field in a transaction 256
TxSigLimit Maximum number of signatures per transaction 7
TxSizeCostPerByte The amount of gas consumed per byte of the transaction 10
SigVerifyCostED25519 Gas spent on edd2519 algorithm signature verification 590
SigVerifyCostSecp256k1 Gas spent on secp256k1 algorithm signature verification 1000

# bank

key description default
SendEnabled Tokens that support transfer
DefaultSendEnabled Whether to enable the transfer function by default true

# staking

key description default
UnbondingTime Mortgage redemption time ??
MaxValidators Maximum number of validators 125
MaxEntries The maximum number of unbinding/redelegation orders in progress 7
BondDenom Bond denom urebus
HistoricalEntries The number of historical entries 10000

# mint

key description default
Inflation Token issuance frequency ??
MintDenom Denom of the token mintable urebus
BlocksPerYear Blocks produced per year 6311520

# distribution

key description default
communitytax Fees charged for withdrawal 0.02
baseproposerreward The base reward rate of the block proposer 0.01
bonusproposerreward Reward rate for block proposers 0.04
withdrawaddrenabled Whether to support setting the withdrawal address true

# slashing

key description default
SignedBlocksWindow Sliding window for downtime slashing 100
MinSignedPerWindow Minimum signature rate in each window 0.5
DowntimeJailDuration Maximum downtime (continuous) ???
SlashFractionDoubleSign Penalty coefficient for double sign 0.05
SlashFractionDowntime Penalty coefficient for downtime 0.01

# gov

key description default
depositparams Related parameters of the deposit mortgage phase min_deposit: 10000000urebus; max_deposit_period: ??
votingparams Related parameters of the voting mortgage phase voting_period: 2d(days)
tallyparams Related parameters of the voting tally phase quorum: 0.25; threshold: 0.5; veto_threshold: 0.334

# crisis

key description default
ConstantFee Constant Fee 1000urebus