# Technology

The liquidity is mostly on Ethereum, so in order to develop an ecosystem that can operate also on Rebus  it is necessary to build a bridge using smart contracts and a separated blockchain relayer.

Also the Cosmos SDK, with Atom and the Cosmos Hub, is a fast growing ecosystem with several  blockchain projects with considerable liquidity.

The Rebus ecosystem will allow to:

  • Move assets pegged from Ethereum and Cosmos IBC chains to the Rebus platform.
  • Move back assets pegged from Rebus to the Cosmos IBC chains and Ethereum.
  • Off Chain oracles and indicators for both chains for financial products.
  • Some application could run on both chains.
  • Run Ethereum smart contracts and applications.
  • Run NFT contracts on the chain.

The Rebus platform will be able to be interoperable with the Cosmos Hub using the IBC natively and with the Ethereum blockchain using the Gravity bridge.

POS consensus:

  • Cosmos SDK uses Tendermint, a proof of stake consensus (POS) with insignificant energy consumption requirements, unlike the POW (proof of work) where the energy consumption is significant in important networks.
  • Cosmos SDK with Tendermint has better performance in TPS (transaction per second)  than many other blockchains. This can really help a DeFi application to settle down the transactions in a short amount of time.