# Market

One of main things to consider when considering a target market is regulations, i.e. whether it is possible to access crypto markets from a specific country and in which ways. This is a constantly evolving matter that will require constant monitoring during the execution and management of the project.

In general, the Single Investor market will be worldwide. For Banks, the initial target will be Switzerland before spreading to other countries.

In order to estimate the size of the market, the team looked at several key statistics. Amount of savings per country:

Amount of savings per country
Amount of savings per country

Comparison to other gold market cap:

  • The total bitcoin market cap is about 5.3% of the gold market cap.
  • The total cryptocurrency market cap is about 10% of the gold market cap.
  • As mentioned before the ratio between crypto market cap and S&P 500 market cap is approximately 5%.

Based on these considerations, it is estimated that if the crypto market becomes an asset class like any other, its cap should increase by a factor of 10.

Source: How much is all of money in bitcoin?

Currently in TraFi there is an almost stable balance of AUM (Assets Under Management) and this does not prevent the financial industry from producing an enormous amount of money to allow investors to access and manage investments directly or through funds or to create structured investments.