# Mission & Business Model

# Mission

Based on the assumptions made, our mission is to create both generic and custom financial products based on the needs of TraFi Institutions (Banks, Assets Managers, Insurance Companies) that want to offer access to crypto to their customers. In a nutshell, the idea can be summarized as follows:

Idea Summary
Idea Summary

A partnership with a financial institution is an ideal combination of skills, technology and financial support to achieve this mission:

  • Rebus  would handle the necessary social networking for a DeFi product which is not something a bank typically does.
  • Banks already have strong skills in financial technology and have the expertise to integrate such products.
  • The Swiss financial market is a great place to start as it has been historically focused on private investments and is very crypto savvy as well as crypto friendly.

# Targets

Two main targets have been identified:

  • Primary Target: Financial operators [Banks] such as private banks, custodians, intermediaries, assets managers, insurance companies.
  • Secondary Target: Individuals [Single Investors] who invest independently from financial intermediaries

The initial effort will be focused on banks. The product will allow them to offer new services and products to their existing customers that are interested in diversifying their portfolio with crypto and to generate additional income from them. However reaching out directly to single investors will yield higher returns since the entire referral fee would go to the platform.

# Business Model

As mentioned, the business model for Banks is borrowed from TraFi and works as follows:

Business Model
Business Model

# Product

At high level the product can be represented by the following scheme:

Product Scheme
Product Scheme

# Where

  • Items in red do not directly generate sales revenues but serve to expand the second target base (Single Investors) by providing an effect of diffusion and enhancing the solidity of the product.
  • The toolkit represents the tools that can be leveraged for the construction of products. Among these tools there are:
    • DeFi protocols (smart contracts) already present and usable
    • CeFi Apis that can be integrated into tailormade solutions (the products)
    • New Financial Instruments created by the project or by third parties