# Products Implementations

# Introduction

Our financial products are implemented through the Rebus Vault.

The Rebus Vault uses the Cosmos IBC and Interchain Account (ICA) to interact with the Cosmos ecosystem applications.

In this way the Rebus Vault can:

  • Utilize the strong synergies of the Cosmos ecosystem
  • Leverage the different kinds of applications to differentiate investments
  • Bring and leverage the liquidity of the entire ecosystem

The Rebus Vault is implemented as a smart contract and a native blockchain application running on the Rebus blockchain.

The offchain components are run by the Rebus Investment and from the financial partners.

The Rebus UI Dashboard offers:

  • Monitoring of all the products stats
  • Monitoring of the RIBOR (Rebus Inter-Blockchain Offer Rate) and other indexes used by our products

# Products categories

There are two different kinds of products, the Direct Products and the Layered Products.
Both share the same base, the Rebus Vault.

# Rebus Direct Products

  • Direct Products are developed, deployed and maintained by Rebus and implemented directly in the Rebus Vault.
  • All the crypto funds used to invest in these products are coming from the Rebus funds and Partners' client FIAT funds.
  • The Rebus Vault will collect all fees for the Rebus ecosystem and Rebus’ financial partners.
  • Our products don’t use other 3rd parties smart contracts, applications or blockchains. ‍

# Rebus Layered Products

  • The Rebus Vault implements our investment logic and our Inter-Blockchain connection logic.
  • Layered Products leverage applications that are developed, deployed and run by 3rd parties on the Rebus chain and other blockchains.
  • The crypto funds coming from Rebus partner’s clients are used exclusively through the Rebus Vault.
  • The Rebus Vault interacts with 3rd party applications on the Rebus chain or on the 3rd parties’ blockchains through the Cosmos IBC/ICA.
  • The Rebus Vault collects the fee for the Rebus ecosystem and Rebus’ financial partners.