# Products Income Stream

Rebus’ main income stream is generated by the fees from each product’s transactions.

These fees are paid with the REBUS Coin which is the protocol’s native token.
Each product can have different fee tiers based on several parameters which will be explained in greater detail in the whitepaper.

The platform products have four types of fee:

  • Mandatory Platform Fees (fixed):
    • EthicalFee: ethical protocol fee used by the foundation to finance ethical projects (charity or educational blockchain projects for example)
    • EcosystemFee: protocol fee earned by the foundation and then shared between the foundation, investors and partners.
  • Discretionary Platform Fees (variable):
    • IntroductionFee: product introduction fee (product markup), earned by the partner selling the product to its customers.
    • LiquidityFee: earned by the liquidity provider, it is the most common fee for DeFi projects.